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Integrative forest management is an approach that allows us to embed nature conservation objectives into Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). Deciphering the role of changing socio-economic and environmental driving forces on the prospects of integrative forest management, now and in the future, is thus of utmost importance. In particular, as the potential to integrate biodiversity conservation and wood production is poorly understood.

There is a need to demonstrate the potential of approaches to integrative forest management to policy makers, practitioners and scientists – based on scientific evidence – and to engage in mutual learning on how to implement these approaches.

The goal of the “Integrated Forest Management Learning Architecture” (INFORMAR) project is to provide the European forest-based sector with better knowledge on how to promote and support the integrative and sustainable use of forest resources in Europe and beyond.


Latest event

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic together with the Forest Management Institute and the The State Enterprise - Forests of the Czech Republic (Lesy České republiky, s.p.) have the honour to invite to the “European Network INTEGRATE” meeting.