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Integrative forest management is an approach that allows us to embed nature conservation objectives into Sustainable Forest Management (SFM). Deciphering the role of changing socio-economic and environmental driving forces on the prospects of integrative forest management, now and in the future, is thus of utmost importance. In particular, as the potential to integrate biodiversity conservation and wood production is poorly understood.

There is a need to demonstrate the potential of approaches to integrative forest management to policy makers, practitioners and scientists – based on scientific evidence – and to engage in mutual learning on how to implement these approaches.

The goal of the “Integrated Forest Management Learning Architecture” (INFORMAR) project is to provide the European forest-based sector with better knowledge on how to promote and support the integrative and sustainable use of forest resources in Europe and beyond.


INFORMAR is an interdisciplinary project with the purpose to understand and demonstrate the driving forces and potential of integrated forest management approaches under conditions of climate change and related risks. Therefore, the project aims at building and maintaining a learning architecture between scientists, policy makers and practitioners as a tool to combine both nature conservation and wood production.

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Marteloscope sites are like outdoor forest classrooms where the trees are numbered, mapped and measured. Supported by software running on mobile devices, they can be used to train foresters and other interest groups how different silvicultural measures may affect forest biodiversity and to what extent.

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Facilitated by and with scientific input from INFORMAR, the European network INTEGRATE promotes successful forest management concepts across borders, based on empirical experiences and academic expertise. The network currently comprises 16 EU member states and involves about 50 representatives of policy and research related to forests and environment as well as the European Commission.

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INFORMAR kick-off video



The INFORMAR kick-off event was organized on 7 and 8 December 2017, in Bonn, Germany. The objective of the event was to introduce and discuss the aim of INFORMAR with involved stakeholders (policy-makers, practitioners and researchers) and to communicate the idea of a large science-policy network related to integrated forest management. During the kick-off we asked some of the meeting participants what integrated forest management means to them. This video is the output from these testimonials.



Exploring Integrated Forest Management in the Bohemian Forests. On 20 and 21 March 2018, the European network INTEGRATE meet in Plzeň, Czech Republic. The meeting included a visit to the Marteloscope demonstration site „Královský hvozd”, where more than 40 representatives of ministries, state forests and private forest owners, researchers and practitioners from 10 European countries engaged in a discussion on different issues related to the integration of nature conservation into sustainably managed forests.

European Network INTEGRATE