The Integrated Forest Management Learning Architecture (INFORMAR) project will analyze existing knowledge relating to the implementation of integrative forest management in order to address and fill potential knowledge gaps. The project will also conduct a series of events and activities to encourage the creation of networks and collaboration between scientists, policy makers and practitioners on within Europe.

INFORMAR intends to facilitate a debate between the scientific and policy community around integrative forest management in Europe. It will provide a set of networking activities, as well as offer a learning architecture for advancing integrated forest management for forest management practice, science and policy making.

INFORMAR has been designed to address different core challenges:

  1. Understanding and mapping the current and future ecological, socio-political and economic driving forces of integrated forest management, including the development of a typology of such approaches.
  2. Demonstrating the potential of integrated forest management approaches to integrate nature conservation in Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) under conditions of climate change and related risks.
  3. Building and maintaining a learning architecture between scientists, policy makers and practitioners related to integrated forest management as a tool to combine both nature conservation and wood production.
  4. Derive policy-relevant conclusions for a favourable socio-political framework for integrated forest management approaches in Europe and beyond.