4th meeting of the European Network Integrate

15-17 April 2019 - Toruń, Poland

The meeting took place in Toruń, Poland, between 15 and 17 April under the Polish chairmanship. The meeting is organized by the Polish Ministry of Environment, Department of Forestry in cooperation with the State Forests. Please find agenda of the event here.
Participation is open for experts (policy makers, advisors, experts, scientists) with an interest in, and focus on integrated forest management/the integration of nature protection into forest management.

More information available here.

European strategies to deal with bark beetle outbreaks: workshop in Białowieża

25-27 June 2018 - Białowieża Forest, Poland

How are different European countries dealing with bark beetle outbreaks? Which role do questions like sanitary cutting, monitoring systems, forest ownership, windstorms and expectations towards nature conservation play? What are the challenges regarding climate change? How do the social perception of active and inactive forest management impact forester’s activities in local forests? Which tools should be used to cope with natural disturbances and how can foresters, policy makers, and other relevant stakeholders be educated?

More information available here.

Combining ecology and economy: policy network meeting in the Czech republic

19-21 March 2018 - Plzeň, Czech Republic

How are different European countries dealing with Integrated Forest Management and which role do questions like tree composition, forest ownership, and expectations with regards to timber production play? What are the challenges regarding effective funding schemes for Integrated Forest Management, and why do we need payments for ecosystem services? How can we better communicate the advantages of Integrated Forest Management? Which tools can be used to further educate foresters, policy makers, and other relevant stakeholders?

More information available here.

Discussions on and in the forest: European network INTEGRATE kick-off

26-27 June 2017 - Bonn, Germany

European network INTEGRATE promotes and advances forest management approaches for the integration of nature conservation into sustainable forest management at three levels: the decision-making policy level, the level of forest practitioners/managers, and the level of research and academic knowledge.

More information available here.