Marteloscope in the Steigerwald, Germany

Integrate Waldbau IT Workshop

19 September 2018 - Bonn, Germany

As part of the INTEGRATE – Waldbau sideproject, a meetying was organised on possible future software developments for the I+ Software. Forest IT experts from different German universities, research institutions and form the state North Rhine-Westphalia joined in Bonn for a fruitful brainstorming session. Topics that were discussed included potential expansion to AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality), but also more mundane and practical ideas like the connection to existing modelling software like SILVA from the TUM. To be continued!

Silviculture Workshop

10-11 July 2018 - Bonn, Germany

For this workshop, EFI invited silvicultural trainers from several German Federal states and neighbouring German-speaking regions to share experiences on the use of IT tools in silvicultural training and to discuss potential extensions of the I+ software.The workshop took place in the framework of an INFORMAR side-project called INTEGRATE – Waldbau, currently carried out by EFI with support from the government of North Rhine-Westphalia.

More information available here.

Marteloscope Manager Workshop

24-27 April 2018 - Ebrach, Germany

During this event, 45 marteloscope managers and forest experts from 12 different countries met for a workshop in the Steigerwald forest district in Northern Bavaria. The workshop was organised by the European Forest Institute  the Bavarian State Forest Enterprise. The main aim of the workshop was to provide Marteloscope users with the opportunity to share experiences with established demonstration sites, by discussing planned and implemented activities. Participants gave feedback, explored new potential developments and applications of sites, exercises and the I+ software.

More information available here.

Marteloscope Trainings:

Throughout the entire marteloscope network, exercises are continuously being organised for different target groups. EFI has a good cooperation with the local forest district Rhein-Sieg-Erft and regularly organises joined seminars and workshops in the Kottenforst in Bonn, but also elsewhere. Reports on Marteloscope Trainings are published on the Resilience Blog. Here are some events that recently Took place:

  • Training at Jägerhäuschen Marteloscope. 24 July 2018 - Bonn, Germany
    • Workshop with forest policy and pratice experts from Saarland looking to set up their own marteloscopes
  • Training at Jägerhäuschen Marteloscope. 12 April 2018 - Bonn, Germany
    • Exercise with participants from BfN and the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.
  • Training at Rosskopf Marteloscope. 22 March - Freiburg, Germany
    • Workshop with WSL for researchers in the ConFoBi project
  • Training at Jägerhäuschen Marteloscope. 13-14 November 2017 - Bonn, Germany
    • Training with nature conservationists and forest managers from North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Training at Sihlwald Marteloscope. 25 October 2017 - Sihlwald, Switzerland
    • Exursion with WSL for students from the Bern University of Applied Sciences
  • Training at Falkenberg Marteloscope in the northern Vosges region of France, 16th of October 2017
    • Training with nature conservationists and forest managers from Parc Naturel Régional des Vosges du Nord and ONF