Marteloscope Manager Workshop in the German Steigerwald

Marteloscope Training in the Steigerwald


A Marteloscope Manager Workshop, hosted by the Bavarian State Forest Enterprise Ebrach will take place on 25 - 27 April 2018 in the German Steigerwald. The event comprises of a Marteloscope Manager Workshop, a field excursion, and a session dedicated to an exchange with the “I+” software developing team.

The workshop intends to bring together the network of Marteloscope Managers established in the course of the Integrate+ Project and the currently running project InForMAr. To date around 40 Marteloscopes have been established across Europe.

The workshop provides Marteloscope Managers and experts with the opportunity to meet one another and share their experiences with Marteloscopes. It will address for example (1) types of activities which have been implemented/are planned, (2) feedback received from events in Marteloscopes, (3) plans of using Marteloscopes in the future and (4) and useful further developments to better serve the managers’ needs. The participants will also have the opportunity to exchange with the developers of the “I+” software on necessary further software features and applications (e.g. user interface, data management, exercise analysis and evaluation tools).

To see presentations from the Workshop, visit 'Marteloscope Manager Workshop'.