Can nature conservation and wood production be reconciled in managed forests? (June 3 2020) Paper on the driving factors of Integrated Forest Management in Europe published in peer-reviewed journal

The challenge of managing forests for multiple ecosystem services in changing world (March 26 2020) Report on the INFORMAR Final Conference by researcher Marco Mina
Schools’ Reaction to Fridays for Future: “Green Campus Day” in Freiburg (December 4 2019) School projects in the area of climate change, biodiversity, waste reduction and upcycling
Integrating nature protection into forest management the Danish way (November 27 2019) Report of Fifth meeting of the European Network Integrate
Białowieża Science Initiative in Warsaw (November 25 2019) Presentation of the findings
Denmark takes over the chairmanship of the Integrate network (May 17 2019) Announcement from the new chairman
What we can learn from the conflict over the Białowieża Forest (May 15 2019) Presentation of the Białowieża Science Initiative in Brussels
Cooperation network sets the course after calamities (April 18 2019) Fourth meeting of the European Network Integrate
No storm clouds without silver linings (March 18 2019) Integrated approach after disasters
News from our marteloscope network (January 24 2019) Launching of I+ software store webpage
The indomitable Galicians (January 24 2019) In Monte Forgoselo, a rural community has been fighting to preserve their traditional way of life for decades
Strengthening the Communication with the Public, Policy Makers and the Media in Slovakia (January 22 2019) Slovakia established two new Martelescope sites at the end of the year 2018
How is Integrated Forest Management addressed in Slovenia? (January 10 2019) Meet Simon Poljanšek from the Slovenian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food
Mountain marteloscope: Pyrenees edition (December 4 2018) New Hèches marteloscope, located at the foot of the central Pyrenees in southern France
Nature conservation and forest managers from NRW exploring the use of Marteloscopes (November 27 2018) Representatives from nature conservation organisations, LIFE+ projects, state forest enterprises and forest associations visited the Jägerhäuschen Marteloscope
Marteloscope training exercise with students from Bern University of Applied Sciences (November 9 2018) Training in the Sihlwald Marteloscope in Switzerland, managed by the Wildnispark Zürich
Discussions on impacts of silvicultural interventions: the Falkenberg Marteloscope (November 5 2018) Training session with 44 foresters from public and private forests in France
Book presentation: The stepping stone concept - nature conservation-integrated forest management protect the diversity of forest species (DE) (October 31 2018) 12 years of experience of Uli Mergner, Head of Ebrach Forest District
Marteloscope in Berlin (DE) (October 10 2018) Preparations got underway for the Tegel Forest marteloscope
Forest Trends in Denmark – Interview with Mogens Krog (September 24 2018) Interview with Mogens Krog, Deputy forest officer at the Danish Nature Agency
Silviculture training with marteloscope and top-notch technology (DE)  (July 20 2018) Forestry experts from different German Federal States and Switzerland exchanged views on IT-supported silviculture training
German speaking forest directors at the Kottenforst (DE)  (July 16 2018) Forest directors from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and South Tyrol gathered in Bonn
New marteloscope in Stipshausen to bring silviculture closer to the people (DE) (July 7 2018) First marteloscope in Rheinland-Pfalz
First Marteloscope in Hunsrück (DE) (July 4 2018) Have you already heard about the marteloscope?
Bark beetle outbreaks and the future of European forests (June 29 2018) Białowieża Forest working seminar of the European Network INTEGRATE
When Marteloscope managers meet (May 4 2018) Workshop in the Steigerwald
Trees of knowledge in the forest (DE) (April 29 2018) When does the economic value surpass the ecological value of a tree?
Out of office: marteloscope training in Bonn (April 20 2018) Exercise in the Jägerhäuschen marteloscope in Kottenforst
Balancing ecological, economical and social interests in European forest (March 29 2018) Second meeting of the European Network INTEGRATE
In the forest classroom (March 23 2018) Foresters exploring the Rosskopf Marteloscope in cooperation with ConFoBi researchers
Introducing: European Network INTEGRATE (November 27 2017) 16 European states, European commission, 50 representatives of policy and research related to forest and environment