INFORMAR is an interdisciplinary project with the purpose to understand and demonstrate the driving forces and potential of integrated forest management approaches under conditions of climate change and related risks. The project aims at building and maintaining a learning architecture between scientists, policy makers and practitioners as a tool to combine both nature conservation and wood production.


The European network INTEGRATE promotes and advances forest management approaches for the integration of nature conservation into sustainable forest management.

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Marteloscopes, the I+ software, and the catalogue of tree microhabitats provide unique training opportunities for field visits and virtual tree selection exercises.

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INFORMAR explores current and future ecological, socio-political and economic driving forces of integrated forest management with case studies and scientific papers.

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Can nature conservation and wood production be reconciled in managed forests? (June 3 2020) Paper on the driving factors of Integrated Forest Management in Europe published in peer-reviewed journal

The challenge of managing forests for multiple ecosystem services in changing world (March 26 2020) Report on the INFORMAR Final Conference by researcher Marco Mina
Schools’ Reaction to Fridays for Future: “Green Campus Day” in Freiburg (December 4 2019) School projects in the area of climate change, biodiversity, waste reduction and upcycling
Integrating nature protection into forest management the Danish way (November 27 2019) Report of Fifth meeting of the European Network Integrate