Denmark takes over the chairmanship of the Integrate network

Denmark is in the process of doubling the state forest area to be set-a-side for biodiversity to a total of 20 %. In a European context this is a high percentage and maybe the highest in Europe. This has been noticed in the INTEGRATE network, which is why the Danish Nature Agency has been asked to take over the chairmanship of the network, in the anticipation that Denmark shares their experiences in the network. In this context the Danish Nature Agency accepted to take over the chairmanship after Poland at the network conference in Toruń on the 17th of April.

"The Danish state forest has a relatively high share of forest for biodiversity purposes. Also, in the last 10 years, we have managed the state forest as close-to-nature forestry, integrating conservation of biodiversity as an important element. Thus, even though Denmark is a small forest country in a European context, we have a lot of experience and knowledge to share. Therefore, we welcomed the challenge when asked to take over the chairmanship", says Director Peter Ilsøe, The Danish Nature Agency.

In the coming year, the Danish chairmanship will host events focusing on both biodiversity in set-a-side forest and integrated in forest under close-to-nature forest management. The Nature Agency will invite researchers and NGOs to take part in the planning of conferences and excursions; events that will bring international experts and practitioners to Denmark in order to exchange knowledge and experience. The first event is scheduled to the 29th to 31st of October and will focus on biodiversity integration in close-to-nature forestry. 

The Danish Nature Agency joined the INTEGRATE network with the aim to access a wider source of knowledge as a base for implementation of biodiversity initiatives in the Danish state forests.

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