I+ software

Using the I+ Trainer in the forest

The marteloscope inventory data, including the TreMs, are used for the I+ software. The most important one for the general user is the I+ Trainer, which allows you to perform virtual thinnings and asses the ecological and economical effects of the operation.

Currently the I+ software consists of 4 components:

  1. I+ Central Database to keep all-necessary Marteloscope information, including inventory data, exercises design, user accounts and exercises results.
  2. I+ Manager – desktop application, which connecting to I+ Database and manage information, including introducing/loading new Marteloscopes.
  3. I+ Trainer – mobile application to perform field exercises. Works with local subset of I+ Database, normally a few plots with related exercises.
  4. I+ API – server based application to support communication between I+ Trainer and I+ Database. Main tasks are - download plot data and exercises to a device and upload exercise results back to the Database.

I+ Trainer

The main software for the practical user is the I+ Trainer. The software that runs on mobile devices can display tree selection results directly in the field. That means participants can immediately visualize the outcomes of their silvicultural decisions and related ecological and economic consequences. Marteloscopes in combination with the I+ software thus allows forest practitioners, decision makers, scientists and other interested groups to objectively discuss different management strategies and their consequences directly on site. 

Where to find it

The I+ Trainer can be downloaded here. Information about the installation can be found in the tutorial.

How to use it

There is a tutorial available (in English and in German) where the use of the program is explained step by step.

Model exercises

The I+ Trainer can be used to perform a variety of exercises in a given Marteloscope. We have compiled  a short document containing a number of standard examples that can be used as reference material when planning Marteloscope training sessions. The listed exercise examples are based on a number of tested scenarios. Those can be adjusted as needed e.g. according to the expertise level of the participants. A pdf file with the model exercises can be downloaded here