INTEGRATE seminar on managing bark beetle impacts on forests

Dendroctonus micans

The Ministry of the Environment of Poland in cooperation with the State Forests invites the participants of the European Network Integrate for a seminar on managing bark beetle impacts on forests to be held in Białowieża, Poland, on 25-27 June 2018

Seminar scope

The European spruce bark beetle extensively influences forest ecosystems and may cause disruption and economic loss in the forests. The consequence of gradations are heated discussions and disputes about the ways of managing the beetles, involving both foresters and nature conservation The seminar provides the opportunity to look at the contentious issues. The event comprises of a field excursion in Białowieża Forest and a seminar dedicated to an exchange of research findings and practical experiences on bark beetles outbreaks consequences for forests and societies. We open the call for countries to participate and invite practitioners, scientists, forest managers and representatives of administration to submit presentations of the case studies no longer than 1 page (including graphic elements) until 1st of June 2018.

This event is organized under the Polish Chairmanship within the European Network Integrate that is facilitated by the European Forest Institute.

For further information please contact
Magdalena Wolicka
e-mail: magdalena.wolicka (at)
Phone: (+48 22) 57 92 345

You can also download the invitation and some additional information here:
INTEGRATE seminar on managing bark beetle impacts on forests