Marteloscope Manager Workshop

Participants of the workshop visiting Marteloscope ‘Steinkreuz'


Marteloscope Manager Workshop

Date: 25–27.04.2018,  Steigerwaldzentrum, Handthal Germany

Wednesday, 25th April 2018

Workshop Day 1


Session 1: Welcome and presentation session (Moderation: Frank Krumm)

Welcoming words:



Thursday, 26th April 2018

Workshop Day 2

Session 2: Experiences (Moderation: Daniel Kraus)

Interventions by the network: “experiences and future plans with Marteloscopes”



  • Visit to Marteloscope ‘Steinkreuz’
  • Visit to ‘ABC’ research plot – (thinning experiment)
  • Visit to the Strict Forest Reserve ‘Kleinengelein’ (forest dynamics, growth and yield in a monumental beech stand)

Friday 27th April 2018

Workshop Day 3

Session 3: “I+” software development (Moderation: Andreas Schuck)

Introduction to group work

  • Group 1: Interface design (user friendliness)
  • Group 2: Silviculture aspects (graphical display etc.)
  • Group 3: Analysis needs (group analysis tools; learning progress measurement)

Presentation of group work results


Excursion (optional)