Multi-author evidence paper - experiences from practice and research

Publication summarising Danish Chairmanship of the Integrate Network

Integrated forest management. Multi-author evidence paper - experiences from practice and research. 

Prof. Bo Larsen is leading the work on the paper which will combine science-based knowledge and applied experiences thereby connecting research (scientific evidence) with practice (lessons learned) aiming at giving novel perspectives for policymakers, forest practitioners and the research community.

The following themes will be addressed in the paper:

a) integrating biodiversity conservation in forest management

b) involving stakeholder/civil society/citizens in forest practice

The paper’s aim is to examine questions and give guidance for future policymakers, research engagement and practice commitment. In the coming weeks, the paper team will be contacting silviculture experts and social science experts to conduct short interviews.

The draft of the paper will be presented and discussed with the Integrate network during the meeting in Grib Forest (April 2020) in aim to propose and agree on joint conclusions.  

The paper team includes: Bo Larsen (leading author), Adam Felton, Anna Lawrence and Georg Winkel supported by Agata Konczal, Camilla Dolriis and Joost de Koning