Review Papers


Next to the case studies analysis, INFORMAR will also review and compile existing scientific knowledge on integrated forest management. The analytical questions for the review will be jointly developed with relevant actors and stakeholders involved in the project. This inclusive process will set the frame for the interdisciplinary review of available literature on Integrated Forest Management.

The main idea of the review will be to find out in how far currently existing scientific knowledge is responding to the questions formulated by societal actors, and where major knowledge gaps (still) exist. The review will be supported by expert interviews to complement the knowledge base.

The review papers will respond to the following topics:

  • current and future social, technological, ecological, economic and political driving forces of integrated forest management
  • evolution of the integrated forest management as a political and scientific concept and thedevelopment in its practical application
  • synergies and trade-offs related to the integration of nature conservation and wood production
  • potential of IFM approaches to integrate nature conservation objectives in SFM under conditions of future risks relating to climate change