Silviculture Workshop in Bonn

Silviculture Workshop in Bonn

10-11 July 2018 - Bonn, Germany


The European Forest Institute invited silvicultural trainers from several German Federal states to share experiences on the use of IT tools in silvicultural training and to discuss potential extensions of the I+ software. A full account (in German) can be found here.

The workshop took place in the framework of a small project called INTEGRATE – Silviculture, currently carried out by EFI with support from the State Forest Administration of the German State North Rhine-Westphalia. The project takes place in 2018 and aims to integrate forestry relevant criteria such as site suitability and stability against disturbances into the INTEGRATE+ software tool and to develop guidance on how to utilize the expanded tool for silviculture trainings on Marteloscope sites. INTEGRATE – Silviculture also supports setting up a new marteloscope site in a spruce forest in Bonn as a demonstration site for species conversion.

In EFI's Bonn offices and in the Kottenforst forest in Bonn, the participants jointly developed further ideas how the INTEGRATE+ software tools could be linked with forest simulator(s) and climate change scenario data. The group also discussed how to improve silvicultural decision support, guiding adaptation to climate change in practical forest management.

Below, we share some of the presentations and other material from the workshop (in German). 

Projekt INTEGRATE-Waldbau - Workshop IT unterstützes Waldbau Training:


Erfahrung im Bereich IT-unterstütztes Waldbautraining in anderen Bundesländern und der Schweiz

Geplante Software-Erweiterungen um ausgewählte Waldbau-Faktoren (Impulsvortrag)

Mögliche Ansätze für ein Anwendungskonzept für IT-unterstützte Waldbauschulungen (Impulsvortrag)

Workshop Agenda

Marteloscope booklet Jägerhäuschen Booklet and Information Sheet